UAMS Event Planning

Event Promotion

Invitations and Printed Materials

It is now time to invite guests. There are a number of ways to invite guests to attend a special event. Before you determine the best method of invitation you need to determine how the target event audience likes to receive information. Will an email work or do you need mail a formal invitation? Your final invitation method selection should provide guests with an idea of the nature of the event, whether casual or formal, and should answer the questions who, what, why, when, and where. Remember that the first impression gained through the invitation will greatly influence whether people ultimately show up. It is also important to determine the core message about the event and state it clearly throughout all event materials. Allow adequate time for design, revisions, and printing for all event materials. The Office of Communications and Marketing and its Creative Services division can help you develop quality event materials. (link:

Helpful Tip!

Remember to have all event materials reviewed and approved prior to printing and distribution. Email final drafts to


When creating your program, consider the following:

  • How many (if any) speakers will you have?
  • What order will they speak?
  • How much time will be allotted to each speaker?
  • If a program is to be held in conjunction with a meal, consider scheduling speakers among the various courses, rather than having all of them speak before or after the meal.
  • Who will serve as emcee?
  • Will guests and/or audience need a program or handout?

Helpful Tip!

Make sure to have adequate seating for all guests for programs that are longer than 15 minutes.


It is important to create a timeline and stick to it! Click here for a sample timeline (MS-Word).