UAMS Event Planning

Date and Venue Selection

Date Selection

It is important to determine the key players. This would include potential speakers, honorees, campus officials, and government dignitaries. Contact all key players to determine as at least five possible dates and times for your event. Be mindful of religious holidays, as well as other university and community events that may draw the same audience and resources. View the Calendar of Events to see other special events that may be happening during your potential dates.

Helpful Tip!

Consider your venue when selecting a date. Sometimes your event will require a specific venue.

Venue Selection

Not all venues are created equal. What works for a meeting may not work for a luncheon. When considering what type of venue your event requires ask yourself a series of questions to help make a decision.

  • What kind of event are you hosting?
  • How large of a crowd is expected?
  • Will food be served?
  • Will alcohol be served?
  • What is the age range of your audience?
  • Will you need space for a reception and formal seating?
  • Will you need space for check in?
  • Will you have a need for a sound system?
  • Will you have a need to show a power point or video?

Now you have an idea of your event requirements. Determine whether on-campus or off-campus would be more appropriate for your event.

Off Campus Venues

An off-campus location may be appropriate for your event. After you create a short list of venue options, ask a series of questions to the venue representative to help make your final decision.

  • Can the space be configured to match the needs of the event?
  • What is the capacity?
  • Can the room and venue accommodate persons with disabilities?
  • Is AV equipment available, and is there a fee for using it?
  • Is there adequate parking?
  • Can you serve food and alcohol?

Helpful Tip!

Ask the venue for a list of vendors that are familiar with the space. Having vendors that are familiar with the space will provide an overall better planning experience.

Event Confirmation

Now that you have selected a date and venue you need to complete the UAMS Special Event Form. All special events and dates must be pre-approved in advance by the Office of the Chancellor prior to any advertising of the event. The pre-approval process is initiated only by submission of the Special Event Form. Click here for the UAMS Special Event Form.

Does your event qualify as a Special Event? A "Special Event" is defined as any planned UAMS-related gathering in which external constituents are invited and includes certain "Internal Events," "UAMS Regional Program Events," and "UAMS Outreach Initiatives" defined more specifically in the UAMS Special Events Policy. Click here for the UAMS Special Event Policy

Helpful Tip!

Follow up with all VIP Guests to confirm the approved date is on their calendar.

Reserving the Venue

You have found the perfect venue and your date is confirmed. Now it is time to formally reserve the space.

On Campus Venues

Many on-campus locations are reserved through the Office of Academic Services by using the room scheduler system ([0]). Be sure to receive and review any building use guidelines with the room confirmation.

Helpful Tip!

Block the room for at least one hour before the event start time.

Off Campus Venues

When reserving the space remember to consider the following questions.

  • Is there a contract to review and sign?
  • Does the contract require a deposit?
  • Are you comfortable with the payment scheduled?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • When is the final headcount due?
  • Have you blocked enough time to allow for adequate set up and clean up?
  • Does the venue require additional insurance?
  • Are there venue guidelines that need to be followed?

Remember, all contracts need to be reviewed and signed by the Office of Procurement.

Helpful Tip!

Consider any additional decorations you will need to enhance the presentation of the space. These additions could impact your budget.